Your wedding in the Faroe Islands


Your wedding in the Faroe Islands

Your wedding in the Faroe Islands

Your wedding in the Faroe Islands is the ideal alternative for lovers who wish to renounce traditional wedding and isolate themselves to celebrate their union just the two of them, or with their only accomplices, their best man. Indeed, on the contrary, the preparation of a big wedding can generate a lot of stress because you have to manage the organization (which can be solved with the help of a wedding planner of course!), satisfy your parents, your loved ones, make concessions… In other words, a lot of little annoyances that prevent you from living this experience with happiness and simplicity.

And if there’s one day above all in your life when you shouldn’t have to compromise, it’s your wedding day! When you choose a wedding abroad, you focus on the most important thing of all: your love for each other.

Today we take you for a breath of fresh air by choosing the Faroe Islands for your romantic getaway.

A desire for adventure…

The Faroe Islands are one of those rare and little known destinations in Europe that are worth a visit. Endowed with spectacular and preserved landscapes, these islands will allow you to live a moment out of time during your stay. As a couple or accompanied by your loved ones, you will discover the richness of these places.

Close your eyes, imagine and take the step. 

Your wedding in the Faroe IslandsCrédit photo – Radu Benjamin


A unique destination

Located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and halfway between Norway, Scotland and Iceland, the Faroe Islands form an autonomous Danish archipelago consisting of 18 islands. Faroese is the oldest Scandinavian language, formerly used by the Vikings, and is still present today in the culture of this population. Don’t panic, English and Danish are also spoken there, so you will be able to make yourself understood easily…

Your wedding in the Faroe IslandsCrédit photo – Radu Benjamin

Tórshavn, the capital city

Located on the island of Streymoy, the city of Tórshavn is one of the smallest capitals in the world. We like its colourful wooden houses with grass roofs, its modern harbour and its beautiful cathedral. During this visit, you will go back in time.

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The Northern Lights

Being a northern archipelago, you will be able to observe the Northern Lights phenomenon. They are visible in the sky from mid-August to mid-April. What could be more romantic than to observe these magnificent shades of colour?

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Boat excursions

To be able to discover each island, each as natural and wonderful as the other, you will be able to travel by boat.

Several excursions are proposed such as the island of Vágar, where you will discover the most imposing lake of all the Leitisvatn archipelago. It illustrates how nature is full of surprises. Only a few kilometers away from this lake is Gásaldur, it is literally a postcard setting with a breathtaking panoramic view.

I also advise you to visit the islet Lítla Dímun, very well known for its cloud that gravitates above it. It is quite unique.

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Mykines, the bird paradise

This island has only one village: “Mykines Village” which has only 20 inhabitants all year round. There are no roads on the island and therefore no cars. The only means of getting around are a few quads. Mykines is known to be one of the most beautiful places in the world to observe Atlantic Puffins, a species of seabird that lives in the open sea or, when breeding, nests in the islands.

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Your elopement in the heart of a natural environment

Getting married on an island, almost alone in the world, in an idyllic and natural environment will make your ceremony a poetic success. Far from the daily worries, you will exchange your vows in a confidential way during a magical ceremony, full of emotions.

Did I convince you to organize your wedding in the Faroe Islands? If you haven’t, here are 4 reasons to leave for your love getaway:

  • You are a couple with an insatiable desire for adventure and excitement.
  • Your half and you will undoubtedly exchange a beach vacation for an active search of little-known picturesque places.
  • You love places that encompass exploration and the beauty of nature.
  • You are passionate about history and enjoy exploring the world’s heritage.
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If you would like to organise your wedding in the Faroe Islands, we would be delighted to help you prepare it. Do you have other ideas for a location for your romantic getaway? We look forward to finding them! Do not hesitate to contact us!