Elopement “intimate wedding” or big wedding?


Elopement "intimate wedding" or big wedding?

While some people would like to shout their happiness in the whole world. Others would say themselves very “yes” just for two. What to choose between an elopement “intimate wedding” or a big wedding?

Trend Elopement intimate wedding

Thus one of the first questions which are imperative after the proposal of marriage can be this one. Indeed, for budgetary or relational reasons, some hesitate to get married to some really very close people. Or invite the more distant entourage. Except that if we invite grandparents, it is necessary to invite the uncles and the aunts. And if we invite the uncles and the aunts, it is necessary to invite the cousins/cousins and list does not stop it anymore lengthening.

Then who to invite in the marriage? It is necessary to ask you first of all why you get married.

Is it for presents and beautiful party or is it a life plan? Then, if there are differences of opinion with your future husband, it is necessary to ask you why each made this choice.

For example, a small marriage can be motivated by a strong fear of the organization (what maybe settled by means of friends or by means of a wedding planner).

And if your dear and soft and you are so much lost, here is 6 reasons for a marriage rather intimate:

  • You can more easily personalize presents for your guests.
  • It will leave with you more possibilities, for the decoration, without exploding the budget, even taking your guests in an unexpected place.
  • You can take advantage of each of your guests by having everybody at the same table…
  • It will be easier to find an unusual place, which really pleases you.
  • If you want to get married quickly, it will remain perfect and without stress.
  • You limit the risk of the criticisms of the menu or the manicurist of the mariée. 🙂
Elopement "intimate wedding" or big wedding?Crédit photo – Henry Tieu Photography

In the case of a marriage in any intimacy, it is all the same preferable to warn all the invited family. Either before the marriage with a sentence of the type: “X and Y will unite their fate in the strictest intimacy on August 7th, 2013 accompanied by their parents and witnesses”. The last small precision allows not to be flooded with calls thinking that themselves make parties of this intimacy. But there is no time or place limit for those who would like to surprise someone by disembarking at the town hall.

Either after the wedding with a sentence such as “Mr. X and Mrs. Y are happy to announce that they were united on the 1st Sept 14 in the strictest intimacy, accompanied by their parents and witnesses” accompanied by a beautiful photo. Afterwards, perhaps it will be better for some people with the feeling of being warned “after the fact”.

Rather big wedding trend

Six reasons for choosing a big marriage:

  • If you have no more too much news of certain people of the family, it will give you an opportunity to see again them.
  • You who dreamed to present your best friend to your brother-in-law ‘ parcequ’ they would so go well together … It is the opportunity!
  • You will really have the impression to be the princess in the center of the party.
  • Dearer the marriage, yes, but more presents, also!
  • To marry somebody, it is little to marry the family also (that you will be obliged to see again repeatedly). It allows to meet little by little the family of other one without feeling totally in unknown earth.
  • You will be sure to hurt nobody to the announcement of the marriage, seen that the invitation is joined.
Elopement "intimate wedding" or big wedding?Crédit photo – Alice Shoots People


What will you choose between an elopement “intimate wedding” or a big wedding? For any requests, please contact us !