Pièce Montée or Wedding Cake?


Pièce Montée or Wedding Cake

The famous question of dessert is open! For many future bride and groom, the dilemma between a Pièce Montée or a Wedding cake.

For the information, the wedding cake is from England! However we can notice that in general the brides usually plan both cakes. Indeed, the pièce montée is made of cabbage and nougatine while the wedding cake is a cake covered and decorated with sugar dough. On the other hand, the advantage of wedding cake is that it is customizable in relation to the theme of future brides.

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The famous Pièce Montée

Large-sized, the pièce montée is a dessert traditionally served at the end of a wedding. It can take different forms: cabbage pyramid stuck together with nougatine, overlay of cakes.

During weddings, a figure representing two married is often placed at the top of the centerpiece. The wedding cake is one of the most awaited elements of your guests. It is part of the tradition.

First of all, if you wait between 50 and 100 guests for example, you can opt for a cake on three levels. This will add volume and make your cake even more fantastic!

Pièce Montée or Wedding Cake ?Crédit photo – Pinterest

The Wedding cake

This cake is modernized over the years by its shape, tastes and colours. But its meaning remains the same. Namely, the sign of prosperity and fertility of the couple.

It should be noted that at the time, the Wedding Cake was not always edible. Often 80% of the cake was decorative. The remaining 20% was for the bride and groom. Today the Wedding Cake indispensable in Anglo-Saxon weddings, begins to be noticed in France.

More and more parts are made with macaroons or cupcakes. It brings of the lightness.

For an original wedding, nothing better than a Wedding Cake! This custom-made room will be perfect for your wedding. In all lightness or with a waterfall of flowers, he will announce the end of the dinner and especially the beginning of the dancing evening !

Pièce Montée or Wedding Cake ?Crédit photo – Pinterest


An original cake the Layer Cake

Have you thought about the Layer Cake? This piece is made of several layers. This gourmet idea will color your wedding! The advantage is that it adapts with different textures. For example, lemon/vanilla or chocolate/raspberry associations will give ideal flavours. You can opt for a large cake or even individual pieces.

Pièce Montée or Wedding Cake?Crédit photo – Pinterest


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