The real wedding of Marie and David: our Meeting


The real wedding of Marie and David: our Meeting

The wedding of Marie and David: our meeting with the wedding planner

Today, Marie and David decided to share with you their experience about their wedding by our side. It is a charming couple liking the simple things of the life. I am delighted to have been able to share this unique moment, their marriage “. Both wanted something of rustic and chic. I found for them a very beautiful mansion situated in Eure-et-Loir. Here is in some lines their story.

How are you met to you? Where?

We met 5 years ago on our workplace, during sports activities between colleagues. It is like that that a big friendship settled down, with the division of common passions.

How has the proposal of marriage was made? Tell us your felt.

David made me his proposal of wedding in a beautiful restaurant from Versailles, a whole symbol because it is in this city that I lived and because we began our beautiful history. We had already discussed numerous time of the wedding, but this evening there it was totally unexpected!

Have you passions? Leisure ?

David is a sporting fan. We practise together the running and the tennis. Of my quoted, it is the music and the manual labor (sewing, etc.) But we also adore cooking and inviting our friends and our family at the house to have some good times!

What do you like at both?

David: what I like at Marie’s, it is our permanent connection, she constantly knows how I go, what I want or not, and above all, she knows how to revitalize me. We share the same values what gives us life plans completely in phase.

Marie: what I like at David’s, it is the peace. He knows how to calm me and restore me confidence when that does not go. He knows me by heart and knows how to react! I also like his values. His sense of the family.

Why a wedding planner?

We wanted to take wedding planner to release a big part of stress. A marriage is a sacred organization, and we needed a reliable person to manage the timing and the coordination of the various persons receiving benefits (providers).

How did you know Organsa?

We found Organsa Agency via to the application

How did you live the organization of the wedding? Did you feel of the stress or not?

We enormously rested on Sandrine what allowed us to unload a big part of stress. But, you suspect it, even by means of a wedding planner, the stress remains very present! Especially when we know what we want, we become very requiring! But Sandrine in known how to be for our listening and do the best to answer our demands.

How did you live the day of your wedding?

Previous week, I said to myself that never we are going to be able to take advantage of this big day, so much we were put under stress! But strangely, the D-day, we were relaxed. We took care of nothing of other than of us and of our guests. Everything passed very well for us. And to see all the family and the friends gathered just for us, was a so immense happiness that we really took advantage!

The real wedding of Marie and David: our MeetingCrédit photo – Morgane Berard Photographe

If you had to live again this day, you would change something? If yes, that you would change?

Nothing! This day was perfect for us. There would be certainly of little things to be changed or to be improved if really it was to redo. But they are only details! Our marriage was for us the most beautiful day of our life! Still one thank you to Sandrine for her help.

Marie and David.


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