Wedding invitation cards ideas


Idées originales de faire-parts et "save the date" de mariage

The announcement of your wedding is a strong and important moment. In general, is eagerly awaited by your close circle. The sending of the wedding invitation cards is therefore not to be neglected and is part of one of the ancestral traditions. Before the invitation cards, it is often recommended to send a card called “Save the date“, which will only give the date of the wedding before knowing the rest of the festivities.

This invitation of course allows the guests to know the official date of the wedding but also to inform you in advance (usually 5 to 6 months in advance) of their presence. The feedback of the guests is important. Especially for the organization of the wedding and for the caterer who needs to know the number of diners.

The wedding announcement can, moreover, give the atmosphere and theme of your wedding right from the start and undoubtedly make your guests shudder with impatience.

Surprise your loved ones with an original invitation that will suit to your wedding. We have concocted some nice and original wedding invitation cards ideas for your announcement!

The invitation card surprise box

Design a foldable paper box, and let your guests be surprised when they open this beautiful attention. You can present the color theme of the wedding, the decoration touches or the type of wedding cake to awaken their curiosities.

Original wedding invitation cards ideasCrédit photo – Pinterest

The invitation card “voucher” for a memorable destination

Here’s an original idea when celebrating your wedding away from home. This form of invitation already takes us totally on holiday and your guests will have more than one desire… Use their tickets for an unforgettable destination.

Original wedding invitation cards ideasCrédit photo – Pinterest

The invitation card naturalness

You want to make your wedding on an eco-responsible or natural theme or in a wooded atmosphere, this announcement is perfect!

In addition to being original with the wood material, the operation is just as original, indeed the guests will discover little by little the different parts of the wedding by turning the circles that will reveal the information.

Original wedding invitation cards ideasCredit photo – Pinterest

The invitation card gourmand

Some delicacies never hurt and in general always delighted the one who receives them.

You’ll be a hit for sure!

Original wedding invitation cards ideasCredit photo – Pinterest

The invitation card I-tech

In the era of new technology this “save the date” card is quite topical, that said, it will be better suited to  wedding with a relatively small number of guests.

The idea remains absolutely original and it will be impossible to forget the date of your wedding.

Credit photo – Pinterest

The invitation card royal

If your wedding theme is a princess or medieval atmosphere, this invitation card is completely made for you and will immediately put your guests as part of the ceremony.

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The invitation card delicate

What sweet attention to invite are surroundings on a magical note. The advantage of this “save the date” like those is that they can be small and useful decoration objects rather than being left in a drawer.

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The invitation card elegant

Chic and elegant. A transparent invitation will give a high-end effect to your wedding and announce the continuation of the festivities.

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