Trendy outside ceremony rituals


outside ceremonial rituals

Trendy outside ceremonial rituals

The outside ceremony is often punctuated by symbolic rituals. They allow you to tell your story with your own tastes and family traditions and are emotional highlights.

The chosen ritual(s) can be led by the officiant, by family members or loved ones or by your Wedding Planner if you wish.

There are 2 types of rituals:

  • union rituals to celebrate your love with your significant other
  • collective rituals used to involve your guests in your ceremony

Nowadays there are a lot of rituals and to help you choose we have listed the trendy outside ceremony rituals ideas of the moment to animate and honor your commitment:

1 – The Handfasting Ritual

The hands of the spouses are bound by a ribbon of the commitment of these two beings.

Originally it was a Celtic ceremony uniting two people for a fixed period of one year and one day. During this period, the union was supposed to have a birth and if not, then everyone went their own way.

You can choose ribbon colors and materials for your ceremony to match your wedding theme.

It is possible to do this ritual only with your half or to involve your loved ones, letting them come and tie the ribbons on the hands of the bride and the groom. This ritual will sure arouse emotion !

outside ceremonial rituals

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2 – The Time Capsule Ritual

This ritual symbolises trust and a future together.

You must bring a container such as a box, a suitcase or even a bottle. During the ceremony, inside you will put away something such as photos, your marriage vows or any other object that represents your love. The container will then be sealed by the couple and they will only be allowed to open it 5 or 10 years later on their wedding anniversary… it’s up to you to set a date to rediscover your time capsule.

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3 – The Love Lock Ritual

To seal your love at the outside ceremony, prepare 2 padlocks with their associated keys. Provide original padlocks and have them engraved with your initials or the date of your ceremony. The principe is that the bride and the groom will have to lock the padlocks, one inside the other, so they can no longer be separated. You can then throw away the keys or give them to your best man and maid of honor.

This ritual symbolises the bond between you: inseparable for better and for worse.

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4 – The Ring Warming Ritual ceremony

This ritual inspired by Irish traditions will allow you to involve all your loved ones in your union.

Before proceeding with the exchange of your wedding rings, orchestrated or not by your officiant, pass them between your guests so that everyone can bless them or make a wish for you. This will allow everyone to hold and “warm up” the rings. This moment will create a kind of magic, full of positive waves during your ceremony.

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5 – The Star Ritual

Since the dawn of time, man has been looking for answers in the stars, a symbol of eternity.

To carry out this ritual, before the ceremony, the future spouses will have to buy a star and baptise it. Then on the D-day,  the officiant will name the star and explain the process and the symbolism to the guests.

A map with the coordinates of the star can be distributed to the guests so that they can locate it.

It is a strong and memorable ritual because the star baptism does not only last the time of a ceremony but remains engraved forever in the sky. All their lives the lovers will keep a star in their name.

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So what trendy outside ceremony ritual will you incorporate into your wedding?

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