The throw rice


The throw rice

The end of the throw rice

Ancestral pagan rite, the throw rice is supposed to bring fertility and prosperity to the couple. Today, banned almost everywhere because it attracts sparrows that are too greedy to digest them. In addition, on the ground, rice can cause slippage accidents. So we have to find other solutions to have nice outings of ceremonies !

The Italian-style romanticism

It’s a colourful alternative, the goal is to throw confetti. This moment would become romantic if these little pieces of paper are in the shape of a heart. In fact, in nineteenth century Italy, young riders threw confetti on the ladies they liked! In effect confetti are more biodegradable.

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Romantic rose petals

Flowers of love since medieval poetry, appreciated for its beauty and scent. This flower is perfect for romantic ceremonies. The throwing of rose petals will sublimate your union. And why not provide a rug of these flowers for the descent of the steps. For an autumnal union, you can replace these petals with orange coloured leaves or flowers from the fields.

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Perfumed the bridegrooms of lavender

The lavender has a subtly scented scent and will bring an original touch to your ceremonial outings.
Arranged in beautiful kraft or paper cones, it will suffice to throw the contents of the bag on the newlyweds for a country and natural wedding! In the language of flowers lavender means “answer me” and symbolizes tenderness, which is a union.

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Baguettes of ribbons

Although they may seem difficult to manipulate, these ribbon rods will serve as a hedge for your ceremonial release. Moreover, it creates a magical atmosphere by shaking small wooden baguettes accompanied by colorful ribbons or the color of your wedding.

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Soap bubbles

Soap bubbles are not just for children, it will make the photos paradise. This alternative is fun and original. In addition, there are many containers that fit perfectly with your decoration.

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The famous Doves Blanche

First of all, it is necessary to know that the Dove is the universal symbol of peace, but also a representation of faithful love. Its presence is appropriate during ceremonial outings. It is an extraordinary animation! The doves can be an equally aesthetic alternative and all the more so an original wedding animation since they are animals; your animation will only be more alive.

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