The return of the seventies and nineties to the world of marriage



The return of the seventies and nineties to the world of marriage.

In the world of marriage, we all noticed the return of the seventies and nineties in stores. Between tops with bare shoulders, frills, pompons, lace, muslin, hippie blouses It is the bohemian spirit and the hippie spirit revisited! The rising growth of these old trends, such as a submarine returning to the surface, plays an important role in the look of brides. In reality, the spirit of the revolutionaries of May 1968 or of the children after the war, never left the fashion. The creators are often inspired by the clothing trends of these years. At the time, the style of clothing showed rebellion to society and the system. Today it is a fashion trend. So what impact in the wedding dresses? The inspiration of these years goes up the steps of the catwalks during the Bridal Week and the fashion week. From the minimalist dress to fine straps, satin material to the princess dress in lace, bare back everything is there! One could even think of a return in the past thanks to a temporal fault. Let yourself be seduced by this return in the past!