Shooting Inspiration marriage


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For the realization of this shooting inspiration marriage Romanticize in a castle of medieval Luxury, I selected a castle of the XIIIth century, named the castle of Farcheville situated in Paris region in 1 Paris time.

Why this theme?

It is the place of reception that inspired me this way. When I discovered this castle the very first time, in the fur as I discovered the various rooms, I was transported in time.



This castle is steeped in history, it reveals a real-life experience that we are far from imagining. In spite of several destructions, this castle was restored in perfection, in a creative and very sophisticated way.



Today, he has 14 suites rooms, 12 bathrooms, a small chapel for your celebrations, a swimming pool, a spa, a raised park 420 hectares, of a formal garden, a theater, secret rooms, a lake, several reception rooms, a wine cellar. It is one of the most beautiful medieval castles of France.



From this perspective, a couple of bridegroom was ideal and an obvious fact according to me. I wished that their feelings, their looks, the sweetness of their gesture, their mutual love, show through through this atmosphere felted of this medieval castle. They played the game marvels.


The peculiarities of this shooting inspiration marriage

We selected them for the spontaneity, the love, both are admiring castles of France. Moreover their marriage was celebrated in a castle of the region. Love which it carries(wears) to both is so wonderful that this shooting was for them as the second moment of happiness, some times after their marriage.



A vintage and authentic decoration

For the decoration, we did not hesitate a single second to call on to Vaisselle Vintage and Option for the art of table, and the petite marquise for the card shop of table.


The royal table of the main lounge had been decorated with vintage candlesticks, with very beautiful flower arrangements consisted of red and white roses made by the small hands of Dely flowers. Worthless need to put it more, light the fire of the fireplace was simply magic. A white and uncluttered wedding cake of the workshop of sweets for the part greed to bring a little of sweetness and elegance.



To finish this beautiful day of shooting inspiration marriage, we made some photos in the formal garden, just in front of the staves of the castle. Then, we went to the spa, for Trash the dress …

Hey yes!! Our bride was not able to resist this temptation of Trasher her bridal dress. I let you discover the last pictures. I am anxious to thank the castle of Farcheville, his staff. As well as, the bridegrooms and all the partners for their participation in this shooting.



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