Private destination for your honeymoon


Une destination privée pour votre lune de miel

Private destinations on honeymoons

First of all, the honeymoon is the month after the wedding. These 29 days, considered to be the happiest of the young couple, are often dedicated to honeymoon trips, hence the expression “honeymoon” which designates this extraordinary trip. This first trip as a married couple should be a wake-up call. Which private destination to choose for your honeymoon ? 

The inescapable destinations

The trends have been the same for several years. White sand, paradise, turquoise water… Mauritius, Seychelles and Polynesia are popular private destinations for these newlyweds.

Lover walks along the beach, bathing in warm waters, not to mention water activities. All these things can only make a dream honeymoon!

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Sumptuous honeymoon to the Maldives

Composed of 26 atolls (small coral island), these paradise islands are the mixture of romanticism and tranquility. This sumptuous archipelago offers many activities to do together. It is important to know that an island represents a hotel, it is called an island-hotel.

There are more than 1,200 coral islands and some hotel brands have invested in a hundred islands to make them island-hotels. The peculiarities of some islands are the accommodations that are villas on stilts. What to dream of more than one! This idyllic place is perfect for a couple looking for calm, luxury and romance.

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Beach tropical in Seychelles

With its tropical climate and buildings of the colonial style of the French period.The Seychelles have all the assets of a great romantic destination ideal for honeymoon trips.

As soon as you set foot in the Seychelles, expect to fall in love a second time! Its hospitality is unmatched. On the one hand, the paradise beaches and on the other, the tropical forest of the famous Praslin Valley of May will make you succumb! Why not swim with the whale sharks? Rest assured, they are harmless! You will find a lot of activities.

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The charm of the Maurice Island

Just like the Seychelles and very popular with romantics. White sand beaches, turquoise waters will make a perfect combo for your honeymoon! Located in the heart of the Indian Ocean, commonly known as the beach island due to its 330 km of coastline. Mauritius has a great charm for nature lovers, entirely surrounded by a coral reef, this gives a magnificent lagoon with crystal clear waters! You will discover an entirely different culture with its many Buddhist or Hindu Temples! Enough to spend a beautiful honeymoon.

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Brazil for a honeymoon adventure

If you love adventure and look for mythical experiences, Brazil is for you! Brazil is a great country with a festive culture that will give rhythm to your trip. By going through Rio de Janeiro and the Costa Verde, which is one of the most beautiful coasts of the country, you will completely get away from the Amazon! All these unlikely places will make you spend a superb honeymoon full of adventure. This will allow you to discover all the riches of the country for a beautiful honeymoon.

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