Pospone wedding, what to do to wait ?


Save your date for a simple and intimate celebration

Your wedding was planned and had to be cancelled or postponed because of the current health situation. Don’t panic!
First of all, avoid cancelling your wedding but postpone it and don’t forget to notify your providers. We understand the frustration and disappointment that these announcement can cause and that they can be accentuated by seeing the availabilities move away from several months. While waiting for your great reception why not organize a simple and intimate wedding from home on the day when your date was scheduled with a handful of your closest guests?
Here are some ideas and tips to celebrate your (future) union


At home

Organize small festivities with your closest guests at home can always be enjoyable by waiting until your wedding date.
Prepare a meal is the most classic but the most convivial. Unfortunately the caterers are always unable to serve you, so you will have to get involved.
Making a brunch can also be an idea, which changes evenings party, but so pleasant. A two meal in one, simple and unbreakable, mixing salty and sweet, there will be something for all tastes
For home entertainment you have great choice simple and fun like:
• A musical quiz, a great classic but always back in the evenings.
• An in-house Escape Game requires more organization and more space but laughs guaranteed
• A karaoke, ancestral animation, you may say, but it is always sensation, especially when you are surrounded by people in your closest circle.
• Set up your own photo studio, no huge space is needed, a well-decorated corner is enough, a few accessories, a pinch of imagination and is done. 


On the outside

The announcement of the reopening of parks, gardens and lakes in France can be an opportunity to organize a picnic with your closest guests. Indeed the grouping of people is always limited to 10, so we will have to make choices and not feel guilty. Remember that your real reception will be scheduled for later. In the meantime take a large picnic tablecloth, set up a small wooden pallet that you can easily find at small merchants for example, prepare your own small ovens, cakes, verrines, charcuterie, salad and fresh fruit or if you don’t want to burden yourself with this task, order sushi trays, cakes, quiches and pies in the bakery for example.


A terrace meal on a rooftop, our beautiful capital offers us many terraces on the rooftops of Paris, with a breathtaking view on the most beautiful monuments of the city.
Following the announcements made this Thursday, May 28, the reopening of the restaurants is pronounced but only the restaurant terraces will open in Paris and the surrounded.
Think of the Rooftop as fabulous places like:

  • Le perchoir
  • L’hôtel national des arts et métiers
  • La brasserie d’Auteuil
  • La maison blanche