Our ultimate guide to bridesmaids dresses


Our ultimate guide to bridesmaids dresses

The Bridesmaids tradition is now very much in vogue in France. Key characters in American-style weddings and Hollywood comedies, but do you know why the bride appoints bridesmaids?

Discover the origin of this ancient custom, as well as the rules concerning the choice of dress for D-Day.

Originally, what does it mean to be a bridesmaid?

This tradition dates back to Roman antiquity. It was customary for the bride and groom to go to church, escorted by several young people, usually 10 in number, all of the same age, size and dressed in the same way as the bride and groom. This legend was based on the belief that evil spirits attacked happy people. Thus, the role of the bridesmaids and damsels of honour was to deceive the evil forces in order to preserve the happiness of the couple.

This custom has survived through the ages and took on a new dimension during the 18th century in Anglo-Saxon countries. The bridesmaids had to be young unmarried girls who were to be married within the year.

Being a bridesmaid today

Today the bridesmaids have completely lost their original functions and instead have a symbolic dimension. Keep in mind that this is more of a tradition than an obligation.

Entrust this role to your loved ones, with whom you have a special relationship and in whom you trust: sisters, sisters-in-law, cousins, close friends… The ones you’ve been able to count on in good times and bad.

Prefer an even number of bridesmaids, between 2 and 6, depending on the size of your wedding. Make sure you have the same number of groomsmen as they will lead the church march in pairs (one girl and one boy).

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The role of the bridesmaids is to support the bride-to-be in the organisation of the wedding (preparation of the decoration, announcements, advice on the choice of the wedding dress, the bouquet…), and even before (bachelorette party)! Lots of small tasks before and during the wedding to support the bride. Be careful not to overload your bridesmaids and enjoy your day with them.
It should be noted that a bridesmaid can also be a maid of honor and sign official documents at the town hall.
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What dresses should I choose for my bridesmaids?

The decision to impose a dress style, to give only a few indications or to leave the free choice to your bridesmaids is entirely up to you. Generally, the dresses should be in keeping with the wedding theme and harmonise with the wedding dress. Because of the closeness to the bride and groom, the importance of the role and the photo shoots of the day, the choice of the bridesmaids’ outfit will be carefully considered. And why not organise a shopping day together?

Avoid white or ivory dresses so as not to steal the show from the bride. Pastel tones such as powdered pink, parma, light yellow, water green… are preferred for a summer wedding.

Dresses that are too short and too sexy are also to be avoided.


An identical dress

This option is often preferred to obtain a harmonious effect on the photos. Beware however, not everyone has the same morphology, so you will have to find a dress shape that suits all the bridesmaids. Cocktail dress, asymmetrical, skating, flowing, straight… the choice is yours!

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An identical dress but in different colours

Aim for the same dress model but in similar colour palettes. This will give it a little effect too!

Namely: some couturiers offer bridesmaids dresses which are a simplified copy of the bridegroom’s dress, in assorted colours.

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A mismatched dress but in the same colour

As said before, not everyone has the same figure. A mismatched dress in the same colour is the ideal compromise to make all your bridesmaids feel comfortable on your big day! They will thus find an outfit that suits their morphology and their budget.

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Our selection of bridesmaids dresses

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Don’t forget the accessories!

To really be on fleek, don’t forget the accessories for your bridesmaids! Above all, without doing too much to not look like a Christmas tree, of course. 🙂

  • Wreaths of fresh flowers in the colours of your theme
  • Bouquets of flowers to match the bride’s bouquet, in smaller, less sophisticated sizes
  • Fresh flower bracelets
  • Matching jewellery


How do you feel about having bridesmaids at your wedding? Don’t forget that there are other key wedding figures in France such as junior bridesmaid & groomsmen. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us!