Our guide to wedding anniversaries



You wish to celebrate your wedding anniversary? Whether it is the cotton, gold or diamond wedding anniversary, it is the occasion to celebrate your love.  Every year, your wedding date is a unique moment, but as the years go by, you are no longer inspired to surprise your other half. Organsa offers you a guide on 5 ways to celebrate the most beautiful day of your life once again. It’s up to you to make these ideas your own and to personalize them according to your desires.

Renew your vows 

Renewing vows for a wedding anniversary is a must! And you can do it as many times as you like, because it is possible until the rosewood wedding (65 years of marriage). 

So for the renewal of your vows, prepare a secular, religious or civil ceremony, depending on your practices. For the symbolism, return to the same place where you got married. And why not finish this beautiful day with a dinner accompanied by your loved ones or if you prefer more intimacy, only the two of you. 

Relive a festive party

Another way to celebrate your union is to relive a big party like the first time. The goal is to recreate your wedding for moments of emotion and happiness with all your loved ones, friends, family … So here we go, get back into the preparations. What you should not forget: a good caterer to treat your guests, animations to make this evening live, a beautiful decoration and finally a DJ to dance until the end of the night. 

Program a second honeymoon

A second honeymoon, it makes you dream, right? Well, that’s what we suggest as a third way to celebrate your wedding anniversary. Many destinations are available to you for this event. 

If you are on a short stay, choose a city in Europe. Lisbon, Malta, Venice or Santorini will be perfect for a weekend. But if you prefer a long stay, you have many options: the paradise islands with the Maldives or the Seychelles; exotic countries, Mexico or why not Thailand… 

Choose the destination that will allow you to escape from your daily routine and have a pleasant time to celebrate your wedding. 

Spend a simple moment together 

If you don’t have the time to go abroad or the means to organize an event, why not spend a simple but tender moment with your other half. Sometimes you have to appreciate simplicity, so organize a small evening with your partner. Go back to where you met or proposed (if possible), book a nice restaurant and don’t forget to bring a gift. For the gift, you can stay in the tradition by offering a gift related to the wedding, for example a gold necklace for the golden wedding. But you can also choose a gift for the couple, such as a dance or cooking class, a massage… And to finish this evening, go back to the memories of your wedding, take out the photo album and the videos of this unforgettable moment. 

Surprising your other half 

Photo Canva - wedding anniversaries - bubble hotel

We have one last idea to share with you: the surprise! It is essential to always surprise your wife or husband years after the wedding. Don’t panic, we know it’s hard to be inspired and find new gift ideas. So we are here to help you. 

We suggest a photo shoot. But a simple photo shoot won’t surprise your other half as much as you want. That’s why we thought of an underwater photo shoot, a unique and poetic experience. These original and artistic memories can be realized in the open sea as well as in the pool.

For those who do not feel comfortable in the water, opt for an unusual night. You can choose to sleep in a trailer, a transparent bubble, a cabin or a barge. 


Now you have no lack of ideas to please your other half and to celebrate your wedding anniversaries, from your cotton wedding to your oak wedding. 

If you wish to be helped in the organization of your wedding anniversary, do not hesitate to contact us. We can take care of the complete organization or only the D-day, we adapt to all your needs.