Our Guest Gift Ideas for your wedding


What could be more touching than to have your most faithful friends, your most sincere relatives, with you on your wedding day? So to thank them for this beautiful gift, it is essential to mark the occasion by offering each of them a small gift. In addition to offering a small attention to your guests, the guest gifts allow to personalize the decoration of your wedding.

It is common to offer a few grams of sugared almonds to your guests during a big event like this. Traditionally, the bride and groom offer 5 dragées to their guests. These 5 dragees symbolize 5 wishes:


This odd number of sugarplums offered symbolizes the eternal love and indivisibility of the union of the married couple. Just like the almond which designates the new life that awaits the young couple.

Nowadays, traditions are out! In a few years, the guest gifts have been democratized. The traditional little boxes of almonds have given way to more personal, fun, offbeat and creative gifts. Whether you want to do it yourself or entrust it to someone else, wedding guest gifts have become a trend. So here is a small list of our best ideas for wedding gifts to please your loved ones.


Small sweet treats

Small jars of honey or jam, lollipops, chocolates, macaroon, candy or cookies, we do not refuse a sweet. The advantage of these small sweets, is that they are by far very original and allow you to please the youngest as well as the oldest. Moreover, they are easily integrated into any wedding decoration. For more originality, you can have them engraved with your initials.

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Mon pot de miel


Le songe du verger


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Flavored mignonette

Lovers of Provence, offer your guests a small vial of olive oil symbol of life, loyalty and peace. Let yourself be tempted by a flavored salt mignonette which for many people is a real lucky charm. Go for violet candy, fig brandy or even more unusual flavors such as espelette pepper in jelly. Dare to be original, this will allow your guests to live a real experience, and for some to discover new flavors.

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Merci Coco

L’île aux épices 


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More handcrafted gifts

You wish to offer your guests small and personal objects, useful in their daily life, less ephemeral, then offer them small decorative objects that they can reuse later. Perfumes or candles with original aromas created especially for your event. Pretty soaps that besides its daily use is a symbol of lightness and a guarantee of purification. Or even essential oils, a poetic and delicate attention.

To combine the useful with the pleasant, you can choose to personalize each of your objects with the first name of each of your guests. This will also allow you to use them as name tags on your tables during dinner.

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La fabrique des jolis mots 

Pia Ecodesign


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Greenery for my guests

A small fat plant, a mini-cactus or even a tree to be planted, in addition to the food, offering a small plant is recently very trendy in wedding ceremonies. Inexpensive and extremely resistant, it is an attention that will remain present in time with your guests. Ideal for nature lovers, place them in small ceramic pots with your logo.

And for those who think big, you can always opt for the life-size option by offering your guests a tree to plant, or seeds to sow. A gift that will last a lifetime while offering your loved ones a nice souvenir of this wonderful day.

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Arrée Succulentes

La fabrique à sachet


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