My eco-friendly wedding: have you thought about the ecological dimension?


My eco-friendly wedding

Eco-friendly wedding, sustainable marriage!

My eco-friendly wedding: have you thought about the ecological dimension? Organsa Wedding Planner Agency did it for you!
In this article we want to talk to you about flowers: difficult to imagine a marriage without them, bouquet of the bride, floral decoration on table, flowery procession… The flowers are always there to beautify a ceremony. But be careful, often absorbed by the preparations for a great celebration, we sometimes forget the respect of the environment!
For your ecological wedding, apart from the fact that we advise you to use seasonal flowers, cultivated in France, made in your region and derived from sustainable crops (allowing to limit the environmental impact), we invite you to give preference to potted plants, which you can also keep easily and for a long time! You should know that today many florists include this ecological dimension in their creative approach, so you will have no trouble finding one on D-Day.
Even 100% ecological wedding, one cannot however be free of all cut flowers. It is difficult to imagine a bouquet toss with a terracotta pot! In that case, how would you like to do a good deed with the extra cut flowers instead of throwing them away? You should know that not everyone has the opportunity to take them all home. For example if you marry in Bordeaux but live in Paris or simply because your apartment is too small!

Le cercle de Fermières St-Eugène

In this case, the Cercle de Fermières Saint Eugène in Quebec inspires us for their brilliant idea. This association proposes to the married couple to give their flowers to people who are alone or sick in order to put a little joy in their lives, thus giving a second breath of life to your floral decoration. Indeed, after marriage, the flowers become individual bouquets, which are then redistributed to people in need. To say that your love could please unexpected people !
Green and eco-friendly wedding, we love the idea and we want to adopt it, do you like it?
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