Moody: the trend that is invading the web


Moody: the trend that is invading the web

Moody, to try him it is to adopt him!

Any right come from the Anglo-Saxon world, the style photoschedules Moody is characterized by the quite particular approach to the light. The principle: concentrate on the subjects in a intense and fascinated way.

In this technique the photographer plays on the contrasts. We cannot refrain from thinking of the Twilight of Georges de la Tour with these dark, hot images. These images also have the peculiarity to contain of the grain. With his big signature, Moody it is imposed little by little in the field of the wedding photography. Indeed, these last years, the photographers and video directors specialized in this emergent eclectic style sparingly. Their key words: the light, the shadows, the feelings and the desire to sublimate the relation of the future spouses.

Moody: the trend that is invading the webCredit photo – Empara

This trend did not stop in the universe of the image

We also find, today, this imprint in all the posts necessary for the conception (design) of your event. Nothing surprising when we know that the chosen style will be the general atmosphere which gets free of your day, it is thus important that your choices follow the same electrical wire.

Table mariage style moody tendanceCredit photo – The small papers


The moody, it is a neo-retro history allying the old to the contemporary

In the decoration we use modern objects designed to evoke or look like objects of time. Is not the idea attractive? In this way you can affect easily guests’ various generations.

In your choice of place, Moody is interested in the nature. An old barn, a farm, or one orangery in the forest, choices can be vast. The important being to bring peace and serenity in a place isolated, mysterious and full of charm.

Your marriage can take place in any period of the year, but we adore the autumnal marriages with orange natural decorations and rusts and wooden smells. However, if you are not seduced by the orange color, you can go to the deep purple, the red, the navy blue, the green with the grey, or the black with the brown to obtain this particular atmosphere.

Moody: the trend that is invading the webCredit photo – Pinterest

Your card will also have to follow this wedding theme. The most audacious will adopt the black for their to make parts. And if this color frightens you for its coolness, know that  is common to associate it with some gold, some copper, silver or still of the white.

For your table decoration from now on everything is allowed. Thus forget the Round Tables and the too much decorated with flowers table centerpieces and give way to banquets way guingettes. As for your flower arranging, the foliage and the candles will make very simply their effect on a raw wooden table.


For the holding of the bride, the moody trend invites you to wear a vintage lace dress playing on the delicate and the lightness. Your hair will have to adopt one combed/uncombed smart and relaxed to marry with a sophisticated crown if you wish. As for your make-up, we recommend something natural that you can accompany with a red with lip more steady. The whole decorated with a luxurious decadent and luxuriant bouquet!

Credit photo – Jessica Grenon


Moody, it is the insurance to make of your marriage a wonderful timeless memory.

Then if you too are seduced to you, do not hesitate to contact us from now on!