How to surprise the bride and groom?


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Are you the witness at your best friend’s wedding, the groom’s sister or the mother and you don’t know how to surprise the bride and groom? Don’t worry about finding a way to show your happiness with this union. We have found 5 animations that are sure to be a hit!

A speech 

Canva picture - Speech for surprise bride and groom

The speech is a classic during a wedding but it always makes its effect, the emotion is guaranteed. Be careful, you don’t have to give a very serious speech. Different possibilities are offered to you for the realization of this one. 

If you are more of a flowery person, why not recite a poem that reflects the history of the bride and groom. If you’re more of an emotional person, we suggest you make a speech with several people. Mix humor and funny anecdotes about the bride and groom with a little sentimental touch. A great way to make the bride and groom have a good time and also the guests. Finally, for those of you who have a beautiful voice, why not write a song or adapt a music that the bride and groom particularly appreciate?

An emotional film 

You don’t like to speak in public, especially to talk about feelings? Then this part will interest you, because we have found the solution to surprise the bride and groom without talking: the film!

The first step is to select the photos and videos you want to showcase of the bride and groom with their entourage. Then, you have to choose the music that will accompany the film. A little advice: choose music that the bride and groom will appreciate. And finally, add some comments that will personalize the video. When the film is shown on the big day, you can be sure that the emotion will be there and maybe even that the bride and groom will have tears in their eyes. 

A memory wall 

It’s time to show your manual and creative side because we suggest you make a memory wall. The perfect element to add to the decoration to remember the good times and to make the guests know the bride and groom even better. And most importantly, the bride and groom can keep this creation after the wedding.

Within this wall, you can make a jumble of memories about the bride and groom, photos of all their relatives, drawings made when they were children, letters or little words… But you can also choose to create the history of the bride and groom. With a chronology starting from their birth, passing by their meeting to finally arrive at the wedding. 

You will find all the necessary material at Cultura or in a stationery store.

A dance

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Photo credit – Pinterest

Before all the guests invade the dance floor, why not propose a choreography realized by your care? You can make a scripted dance as we see in many musicals. How about a famous choreography from “Grease” with the bridesmaids and groomsmen. But you can also propose a rhythmic choreography with simple steps to repeat. This will launch a flashmob and bring all your guests back on the dance floor.

A wish tree 

wish tree - Surprise the bride groom

Photo credit – Annette Smith Photography & Shannon Rosan Photography

You may want to involve all the guests? For that we propose you a solution rather simple to set up and very effective. The realization of a wish tree is the ideal way. 

You will just have to find a nice structure in the shape of a tree or other, to place in the reception room. This structure must be accompanied by small papers, pens and pretty ribbons. Throughout the wedding, the guests will be able to hang a wish of happiness for the newlyweds on this tree. And the bride and groom will discover the words of each at the end of this beautiful day. This tree is a nice symbol for everyone to leave a trace of their presence and it allows the bride and groom to have a great time while reading the words. 


So, would you rather have a speech, a movie, souvenirs, a dance or a wish tree? We hope that among these proposals, you will be able to find your happiness to surprise the bride and groom on their wedding day. 

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