Define the theme of your wedding, where to start ?


Defining your wedding theme is one of the first things to do for the bride and groom, and it’s not easy !

While some people already have a clear idea of the atmosphere they want to celebrate their union, others find it much harder to define the style of their wedding.

Don’t worry, our agency is here to guide you in your choices and help you make your wedding come true. Here are the steps we advise you to define your theme.

Define your couple

The first thing to do when faced with this situation, is to start by asking yourself the right questions before rushing to wedding blogs in search of sensational decorations !

What do you want to show your friends and family? An intimate wedding or rather a festival. What are your common passions? Music, travel, dance, or even cinema !

It is thanks to these questions and answers, that you will be able to take a first direction in terms of atmosphere.

Get inspired by what you see to create an atmosphere, which itself will bring emotion and sensitivity to your wedding.

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Remember that this is first and foremost about your wedding !

Your big day is approaching ! And although it is normal that you think of your loved ones for this grandiose moment that awaits you, don’t forget that it is your wedding day, your desires. Think about what makes you happy above all because the theme of your wedding will reflect you and no one else.

Look for inspiration on the internet

There are many ways to find inspiration for your theme on the internet. Instagram, Pinterest are packed with countless photos of all kinds! Dress, table decoration, floral composition, you will find photos more impressive one than the other.

If you have never used Pinterest or simply don’t have any inspiration, we invite you to go to our Pinterest page where you will directly find different tables bringing together various styles and atmospheres that may be useful to you.

To go further, there are many wedding blogs that will allow you to find ideas for your own. Each with their own style, it’s up to you to find the one that most closely resembles what you want for your wedding.

Make a trend book

You fall under the spell of a color, or a decoration, no matter where your inspiration comes from, conserve it. Because once all your ideas are gathered in this notebook you will be able to select your desires that come back most often and start to have your guideline !

The trend book therefore gathers a few photos that you find inspiring, the colors that touch you and the few key words that could define your wedding according to you.

This will allow you to see more clearly and explain your wishes to your providers.

the theme of your wedding

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Match your colors

The simplest in decoration, is to work the shades of the same tint.This way you are sure not to marry the wrong colors and to have a light and attractive decoration. Choose the color that could perfectly match your theme and then see which tones match it.

the theme of your wedding

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Take into account the season

Not all themes are in tune with the seasons. An outdoor wedding with a seaside spirit in the middle of January, or a wedding with dark tones when you get married in the summer is not appropriate.

It is important to consider the season in which you will be getting married before making your choice. This will allow you to be in adequacy with the theme that you will choose.

the theme of your wedding

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All these steps in the preparation of your wedding are necessary in order not to scatter you in all directions, to have a clear picture of what you want, but especially to save precious time in all your research of providers, place of reception and furniture.

Indeed, not all themes lend themselves to all environments.

Do you dream of an elegant wedding? Then don’t look for a rustic barn, but rather a pretty estate on the coast.

If you’re looking for a country and minimalist wedding, you’ll have a better idea of which furniture to choose, or which style of stationery to aim for.

the theme of your wedding

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Can’t decide on the theme of your wedding? Do not hesitate to contact us.