Caribbean mixed wedding at the seaside in Martinique


Mariage mixte antillais en bord de mer à la Martinique

Wedding at the seaside in Martinique

First of all, i was contacted by Amélie and Bernard in January of 2016 for the organization of their caribbean mixed wedding at the seaside in Martinique planned in February of 2017. Native of the department, Amélie dreamed to get married on this beautiful paradisiac island.

For her, it was an immense enjoyment with her fiancé to be able to organize their marriage near the sea in Martinique, but also to propose to her beautiful family, a dream destination.

After this only day, Amélie and Bernard left living abroad, on an island of the Indian Ocean. They both agreed to share with you, dear readers their meeting, their experiment by our side, but also their choice to have requested a wedding planner for the organization of their marriage in Martinique.

To keep the authenticity of this interview, the answers brought by our newlyweds stayed as they are.

Caribbean mixed wedding at the seaside in Martinique

How you met? Where?

We met 9 years ago at the high school, we were in the same class in the first one and the final year of high school. It is like that that we became friends.

How was the proposal made? Tell us about your feelings?

Bernard asked for my hand in Venice, by the sea for Adriatic, after a sunset on the vile. It was a surprise on me, he had asked for my hand the day before to my parents without I know. It made a few years which we began to discuss marriage, after 8 years we ask ourselves necessarily the question, but we waited for the “good time”, it was necessary to finish our studies and to find a job before.

Do you have any passions? Any hobbies?

Bernard has several passion, like the languages ( He speaks 4 about it and learns 2 of more alone), the music and the e-sport. My main passion is the cooking and I also like the fashion, its history, the used materials …

What do you like about each other?

What I like at Amélie’s: her humor, her kindness, her gift for the cooking which impresses me a lot and makes him whom it knows how to speak to me, she understands me. I like the fact that she listens to me and that she respects the fact that I like being only sometimes, that she agrees to leave me alone , it is important for a man. I like its heat and its joy of life opposite to my cold and blasé side.

What I like at Bernard’s: his intelligence and its curiosity, its tolerance, its patience especially when I sulk and his  sense of humor. I like the fact that That he is present for his friends in any circumstances, he is attentive to the others and gives of very good advice.

Caribbean mixed wedding at the seaside in Martinique

Why a wedding planner?

For us, pass by a wedding planner was more reassuring. The fact that we live in mainland France and that we want to get married in Martinique was a challenge.

Our parents worked and did not have time to schedule a marriage without knowing places about 8000 kilometers of distance and it was the same thing for us.

We needed somebody who knows the island, the providers and who knows how to organize an elegant beach wedding in caraib Martinique because it is not a small matter.

Several wedding planners have been called and they redirected us all towards Organsa by explaining us that it was the specialist for the marriages in Martinique and that even if we chose them she would be thought of by Sandrine as providers. Both, we said that we were in good hands.

How did you hear about Organsa?

We knew Organsa thanks to internet and also thanks to the people who sent back to us towards this agency.

How did you experience the organisation of the wedding? Did you feel stress or not? (even if I know the answer)

We felt many stress. He can be difficult to leave the reins of the organization of his marriage. Especially when we have for habit to make everything always oneself. Besides, in our case, we could not see the vendors or the venues before, it is an enormous stress.

It is necessary to learn to trust somebody else for the most important day. It is complicated and that passes by tensions. But Sandrine listened and waits, she had to manage the bridegrooms on one side.  The moms of other one. It is the challenge which I wish to nobody :D. Therfore I think that without her we would ten times have been put under stress, moreover I do not know if we would have gone at the end of this project to get married in Martinique.

Caribbean mixed wedding at the seaside in Martinique

How did you experience your wedding day?

The day of the marriage passed very fast, even too fast. Everything was perfectly orchestrated, we had only to care about our guests, about the mass and about our preparation. I believe that we were serene each from our part. Therefore, I think that we live this day as in a bubble, we do not see anymore the small details. In addition to our case we neither saw, nor felt a clinker. We spent a day emotionally strong and full of love with our close friends.

If you had to relive that day? Would you change anything?  If so, what would you change?

Finally, we would change absolutely nothing. The day was perfect for us, it looked like us and was better that we wait for him. Of course there was this moment when we waited for the priest 20 minutes in the church. Then, he made a mistake about text for the reading.

Even if, these moment we would keep them as they are, it is memories. Good memories which gave us to smile at the time and even more later.

Thank you again for your work 🙂

Amélie and Bernard

You will find some images of their attractive moments captured by Dusabre photograph via our portfolio marriages.

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Caribbean mixed wedding at the seaside in Martinique

Caribbean mixed wedding at the seaside in Martinique

Caribbean mixed wedding at the seaside in Martinique

Caribbean mixed wedding at the seaside in Martinique

Caribbean mixed wedding at the seaside in Martinique