6 funs ideas for a girly Bachelor Party


6 funs ideas for a girly Bachelor Party

Aah, the bachelor party girl … a whole program, is not it? If you’ve ever had the opportunity to organize a girlfriend’s wedding or at least her bachelor party, then you know it’s no small matter. Between the dozens of emails exchanged with friends of the bride that you discover on D-Day, the brainstorming stage to be adjusted according to the schedules of each one, the original idea to find that suits all budgets and everything That in the biggest discretion of the world … it makes things to manage. Ladies, welcome to the world of marriage!

Speaking of ideas for the organization of the bachelor party of your sister’s girlfriend, cousin, let’s see together some ways to please the happy elected.
Fun activities for a successful EVJF

Weekend between girlfriends

Whatever the time of the year, nothing like a little trip in France or abroad to meet up with friends and savor the moment! In idleness, thalassotherapy or festive mode, the world is full of original and idyllic destinations. London, Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam … you are spoiled for choice! Neighbors of France or more distant, many cities offer you the arms to the year for a weekend relaxation and discoveries.

Relaxation and well-being day

The daily life and its share of constraints weighs on each of us and this, throughout the year. Depending on your lifestyle, your work schedules or your budget, it is not always possible to take care of yourself as you see fit. What do you think of organizing a special moment such as a massage session, a spa or an appointment in a nail bar to please you, all together?

Creative courses and workshops

The future bride loves to invent and create full time or in her lost hours? Why not give him pleasure by offering him a diy workshop and develop his creative fiber? Decoration, textiles, jewelery … many courses and workshops have been created in recent years throughout France. The cherry on the cake, each of you will be able to leave with your work at the end of the course. More advanced and technical, the manufacturing courses of objects located in fablabs or makerplaces that allow you to create and leave with your own design objects.

Photo opportunity between friends

What better than a collective photo shoot to immortalize the moment of the bride surrounded by her loved ones? A shooting with a professional photographer in the streets of Paris, in the countryside or on the seaside can be damn nice to share all together. A festive atmosphere, a few accessories and hop, the tour is played! It was enough to leave the smile on his lips with an eternal and palpable memory.

Sports activity in good spirits

If the future bride is a beginner or seasoned sportsman, then offer her a sporting day, in her image. Parachute jumping, tree-climbing, driving course, surfing, dance lessons or in another register, small boat ride between friends … as many sports activities that could please your friend and all the participants. A tip: spare the whole group, the idea is not to go back completely exhausted of this day: pro-fi-tez!

Cooking classes

Accompanied by a real chef, in a gastronomic school or as part of a course offered in a workshop, the cooking class is a fun and fun idea. Courses of French, foreign, vegetarian, dessert or pastry, many proposals are likely to please your star of the day.

You will understand, many activities can quite match a bachelor party girl. It is therefore up to you to target the proposals to favor the tastes of the future bride. For that, do not hesitate also to solicit the bridegroom who will surely regurgitate original ideas for his future wife.

Finally, to add an original and more fun to this unique day, do not hesitate to match your clothes to create a visual and poetic coherence … without removing the costume and ears of rabbit which, let us be honest, are neither Chic nor aesthetic!

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