An arch for your ceremony


arche ceremonie laique

A floral arch for your ceremony

Great trend in the middle of marriage, the ceremonial arch represents the ceremony in the outdoors. But above all, it is important to remember the symbolism of the arch. The arch for your ceremony is a choice you made for its meaning or perhaps just to make it pretty.


The symbolic

Did you know that the wedding arch has a very religious symbolism? In fact it symbolizes life, it is a stage between the past, the present and the future and is a link between God and men. The arch is from the Old Testament, Noah’s ark & Mose’s ark.


What arch to choose ?

The one we all know is the classic arch, the one we see in American series and movies. Timeless and simple it will be perfect for your ceremony.

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The circle arch

It is increasingly in demand. The circle symbolizes life. There is no beginning and no end, it is a whole. The round ceremonial ark is perfection and harmony. It also represents femininity.

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The arch with doors

Doors are the symbol of many things. They are the passage between two worlds, a new path, a renewal…

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The square arch

The square symbolizes righteousness, rigour and stability. Isn’t it the perfect ceremonial ark for a wedding?

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The tipi arch

The triangle represented as a tipi is also a symbol of stability and success. But it is also in the shape of an arrow, symbol of direction and determination.

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Hexagonal arch and arch with curtains

The hexagonal arch and arch with curtains are perfect alternatives for more originality.

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