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Planning a spring wedding

No season is more favorable to weddings than spring. This magical time when nature is once again adorned with flowers and colors. Season of renewal, fertility, love, where joy, colors and flowery smells reign for your spring wedding.

Each season has its own characteristics.  The personality of the seasons directly influences the organization of your wedding, and especially its decoration.


Use the elements of the season

Spring is the perfect time to get married. The weather is beautiful, the sun is shining, the flowers are delicately fragrant. Nature offers with all its splendor a decoration to take your breath away.

Any florist or wedding designer will tell you that spring is a perfect season for choosing flowers!

The advantage of flowers is that they will meticulously perfume your reception venue. For this, choose the most fragrant of them such as rose, hyacinth, lilac … They will disperse the day of your wedding a scent of sensuality and delicacy.

Imagine your ceremony surrounded by blooming trees, formulating your vows of commitment under a flowered arch bordered by a long carpet of rose petals.

Spring wedding

Credit photo –  the grovers photography & Jenny Quicksall Photography


A table decoration in white and pastel tones with this imposing floral arrangement in the centerpiece featuring peony and lily. All this brightened up by chairs decorated with white flowers.

To add a little bit of magic to your spring wedding, you can opt for floral arrangements hanging above your guests.

Spring wedding

Credit photo –DarinImages &  KT MERRY


Keep in mind, however, not to mix too many different types of colors and flowers, so that you can keep some harmony within your wedding.


Incorporate spring accessories into your style

Just as with your venue’s decor, flowers work beautifully with the light fabrics of your dress. There are many alternatives to brighten up your look on the big day.

A pretty crown of fresh flowers, a few daisies in your hair, a peony bracelet for you and your bridesmaids.

Flowers are the ultimate accessory for the chic bride.

Spring wedding

Credit photo – Hollyclarkphotography & Pinterest


Enjoy the outdoors

Spring and its beautiful days invite you to realize your dream wedding outside while enjoying the sun and the beauty of nature.

This time of year will allow you to enjoy the outdoors when the flora begins to adorn itself with its most beautiful colors. Neither too high nor too low, the temperature will allow you to enjoy the beautiful park you have chosen for your ceremony or the garden of the domain you have rented for the occasion.

The beauty of the effervescent vegetation in full renewal will amaze you. It will offer you a privileged setting for your photo session with spaces that are gradually reclaiming their original colors.

One of the other advantages of spring is that the days are getting longer. You can enjoy beautiful lights without the risk of suffering from too much heat.

Whether it’s for your photos, your wedding reception or your outdoor ceremony, spring days are often pleasant and offer less extreme weather than those of the summer.


A natural atmosphere

Like all future brides and grooms, one of your major concerns is the atmosphere of your wedding. It seems important to you that all your guests have fun, be entertained and keep a memorable souvenir of the celebration of your union.

The advantage is that you will be able to propose original animations inside as well as outside. You will have the embarrassment of the choice to play on the season, here are some ideas:

A release of butterflies. The release of butterflies will create a feeling of wonder for the guests, each butterfly released is a messenger of wishes of happiness. For the oriental culture, butterflies are the messengers of wishes and they watch over our secrets. A legend states that butterflies ascend into the sky to bring wishes to the Gods who would grant them. So before you release a butterfly make a wish, and it will come true.

A message tree. Inspired by the traditional beliefs of China and India where the tree is the symbol of life and eternity. The principle of use of the wish tree is simple: you just have to write on a piece of paper the message or the wish that you wish for the couple and hang it in the branches of the tree

The much awaited photobooth, decorated with flowers and plants that will capture the most memorable moments of your wedding.

Credit photo – Annette Smith Photography & Shannon Rosan Photography


Nature is adorned with its most beautiful colors. Offering you beautiful opportunities to decorate the major part of your wedding. Romanticism and elegance will be at the rendez-vous, emotions guaranteed!

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