5 tips to relax the day before your wedding


Relaxation avant mariage - Organsa Wedding Planner Paris

You said “Yes” to your partner some time ago and since then you have been planning your wedding. After months of intense preparations with your wedding planner, the D-day is approaching and you are feeling stressed! But this is not the time to panic. So we suggest you 5 tips to relax the day before your wedding. No more last minute program changes or second thoughts, it’s time to stop thinking about your wedding and trust your planner!


Enjoying your own company

Meditation day before the wedding - planning wedding - Organsa Wedding Planner Paris 

Start your day with a gentle wake-up, take the time to enjoy your own company by spending this early morning alone. 

A little meditation, a good session can allow you to evacuate stress and focus only on the present moment.

Or why not do some sport? A little jogging, a cardio session or a Zumba class, choose what you prefer to do to burn off energy and feel as good in your body as you do in your head.

It is important to find the activity that will allow you to clear your head at the beginning of the day, it can also be a manual creation if you are rather creative.

Taking care of oneself

Relax before D-day wedding - Organsa Wedding Planner Paris

Tomorrow is the big day and the day is likely to be rich in emotion. It’s the perfect time to take care of yourself. And what could be more relaxing than a spa with your girlfriends? Book yourself a massage or jacuzzi session and relax while chatting with your friends. We recommend the Mandarin Oriental Spa in Paris. The best way to not think about tomorrow and avoid stress. 

Alternatively, a spa session at home can be improvised as well. Bring in a beautician for a beautiful manicure. And get out the masks, the scrubs, the creams for a cocooning moment between girlfriends, in your room accompanied by a “Girl power” playlist. 

Be ready for the D-day

After relaxing, you can give yourself a little time to organize and check one last time the list of things you will need to avoid forgetting anything on the big day. 

But be careful, the goal here is not to fall into a downward spiral and call the wedding planner in panic to settle last minute details. The main thing is to have your wedding dress, your shoes and the wedding rings. If you have these three elements, the ceremony can take place. 

Remembering the good memories

Relax and memories before wedding - Organsa Wedding Planner Paris

It’s your last night as a single person, so it’s the perfect time to reminisce. So get out the photo albums, the memory boxes and let’s go for the emotional moment. It can be with your family, with friends or with your other half, the main thing is to stay in a good mood. 

Going to bed early 

A key element to avoid being overwhelmed by stress and feeling out of your depth at the slightest unforeseen event on the big day: is sleep. So don’t dawdle and go to bed as early as possible. And even if sleep doesn’t come, stay disconnected. Don’t pick up your phone, but rather a good comforting book to make sleep come to you. 

Don’t forget to set your alarm clock, it would be a shame to arrive late on your own ceremony day!


The day before the wedding does not have to be a source of anxiety. Don’t worry about last minute details or problems, the wedding planner is there to take care of that. So make the most of your last day as a single person. So if you are getting married very soon, don’t hesitate to follow these 5 tips. 

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