5 ideas to entertain children at wedding


5 ideas to entertain children at wedding

Taking care of children is not easy task, so here are some ideas

Kids are sometimes forgotten in the organization of wedding and the parents are often bothered to find activities for their children during several hours. We offer 5 ideas to entertain children at wedding that we have found for you!

So that your guests can fully enjoy the evening, do not hesitate to set up activities and entertainment to amuse the children. The parents will be grateful and relaxed. The kids will be delighted to be able to enjoy the festivities as well.

First of all, relieve the adults by engaged a babysitter or several depending on the number of children and their age. They will be monitored safely and can be accompanied to the different animations set up.

1 – Painting workshop

Develop the creativity of these small artists by offering them a painting workshop. This will allow them to maintain their concentration for a while, so that they create beautiful works for their parents or why not for the bride and groom.

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2 – Fairy garden

For a wedding in a more eco-friendly spirit, this activity is ideal. Children will be able to create their mini gardens in the magical world of their choice. Make available several miniature objects of decoration (easily found on the internet for dioramas in particular).

The mini-gardens can be designed in small flower pots but also in a more original way in tea cups for example.

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3 – Outdoor cinema

Comfortably installed in large cushions, plaids in a relaxing atmosphere or installed under teepees set up for the occasion. The outdoor cinema will be the perfect activity to regain its calm and rest in front of a well chosen animation film.

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4- Fair games

Fair games are perfect to vent these children full of energy. Moreover the installation of this type of activity is simple, fast and also inexpensive.

The unmistakable Shake-Up Games, Ring Games, Duck Fishing, Bag Racing, Throwing Games… will delight kids and even adults who will not fail to make a stop in this space.

However, be careful not to space the games too much so that the babysitter or caregiver can monitor all the children.

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5- Little spies

Kids like to do what adults do, so why not offer them to take pictures like adults with their new disposable camera and give them a list of goals to achieve.

Of course under the supervision of a responsible person who will accompany them to take their best shots.

5 ideas to entertain children at weddingCredit photo – Pinterest

What do you think about our 5 ideas to entertain children at wedding ?

If some ideas interested you, do not hesitate to contact us !