Luxury wedding  in France

” You are dreaming to get a wedding in France… ”
What are the next steps?

Above all, you will be in touch with Sandrine, founder of the agency, her will be your wedding planner and main interlocutor during all the duration of the preparations for your wedding planning.

Although he(it) is there, we shall always be two wedding planner or more the day of your wedding to manage everything.

So be relax!!

First of all, you contact to me by phone, we shall exchange together on the main characteristics of your future wedding. We naturally shall speak about you, about the number of guests, and about the budget. It is the base of the beginning!

I suggest you meeting for 2 hours, at your home or via Skype to determine better your needs, your expectations, your desires. Anyway sofa, coffee, tea, biscuit, whatever you want! The purpose of this meeting is that I know about all about you, even if I stay 3 hours. I’ve got time.

You are satisfied by our last meeting, the presented project packed you and make you dream! You wish to continue the adventure with us!

In this case, ” welcome to you “.

We all start together three, a long period of preparations with meetings, a regular follow-up, a schedule and a personalized schedule. All this will be set up until the arrival of the big day.

We set up an interactive system of discussion between you and me. #westayalltimeintouch

Feel reassured! You will always be accompanied!

To be the most available for you, we make a commitment at the most on 12 weddings max. It is better, it is not!

To get a wedding planner, it is to be able to continue to take advantage of weekends, but also leave for romantic holidays.

Wedding in France & Elopement in Paris

  • Appointment for organizing the D-Day
  • Address book if you need
  • Connection with vendors
  • Follow-up of file with the vendors
  • Technical visit of the venue before the D-day
  • Available 7 days / 7 by mail
  • Presence of a wedding planner for managing guest to the ceremony
  • Presence of a wedding planner assistante on D-Day at reception from the first vendor until the first dance of party.

For requesting a quote, please contact to us

Full service wedding planning for 1 days and more

  • Creation of your wedding planning
  • Identification of the place of reception and visit
  • Search for vendors
  • Connection with vendors
  • Managing appointments vendors
  • Follow-up appointments for the organization of the wedding
  • Follow-up of file with the vendors
  • Available 7 days / 7 by mail
  • Technical visit before The D-Day
  • Budget monitoring
  • One wedding planner the D-Day at the ceremony location
  • One wedding planner on D-Day at the venue location up to the mounted room
  • rehearsal dinner
  • Brunch wedding planning and more…

For requesting a quote, please contact to us.

Elopement «intimate wedding»: Marry abroad

  • Creation and organization of your intimate wedding.
  • Proposal of ceremony place
  • Search for service provider
  • Connection with providers
  • Budget monitoring
  • Managing your appointments providers
  • Follow-up appointments for the organization of your ceremony.
  • Assistance of a D-Day Wedding Planner

For requesting a quote, please contact us.