The wedding urn


The wedding urn

The wedding urn is a traditional element which can also have funny and original looks.

And yes! This attractive box which allows the guests to slide a small envelope for the bridegrooms. Small soft words, small bills… Everything can be inserted there.

Indeed, what is nice with these urns, it is that it is possible to make them for our image and especially, that they stick with your theme.

Let us divert one farandoles of mocked objects, an old letter box for vintage style, a beautiful birdcage for a shabby style, a box with apples for a rural style, a suitcase for an adventure and travel style, and many more! 

If however you feel like creating yours, indulge yourselves!

There are tutorials on how to create an urn on the internet., that best explain to you how to achieve it. Customize yourself your urn “letter box” according to your tastes and so personalize there.

Finally, the wedding urn is not something that all brides and grooms want to have. More and more wedding lists are being created via the internet. Allowing guests to deposit the amount desired by the bride and groom directly on the wedding list. This is a new way of doing things. Which allows more security for the gifts, but erases the history of the item. It is up to you to choose which option you prefer.

The wedding urnCrédit photo – Etsy & Deavita
The wedding urnCrédit photo – Donne Moi ta Main & Ruffled blog
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