The role of the engagement and its traditions


What is the meaning of engagement?

Getting married is one of the most important moments of our lives. One of the most festive, where laughter, happiness and tears of joy are present.  So, making a proposal starts the preparations, and affirms the commitment of the future spouses.

Let’s discover together the role of the engagement and its traditions.


An official wedding announcement

Left for some time to fall into disuse, this ancient tradition, represents a very special and intimate moment for the couple who decides to start a new life together …

It is the stage that precedes the wedding. The role of the engagement represents a commitment, the promise of an upcoming official union in the eyes of all. Making it official becomes an important step. Moreover, it is a nice pretext to organize a party.

The idea is to invite your closest circle of friends and family to share the great news. For many couples and their families, the engagement announces the beginning of the wedding preparations.

The engagement

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An ancient tradition turned romantic

The history of engagement is not linear. It has not always had the same meaning nor the same sentimental symbolism throughout history. The very notion of engagement has evolved through the centuries and eras. Historically, it was customary for the bridegroom to negotiate the terms of the marriage with the father of the bride-to-be.

In the Middle Ages, the bridegroom gave a “dowry” to the bride’s father once they had reached an agreement. This payment represented the official engagement.

Over the years, this tradition has changed. Today, the engagement or proposal is mostly about emotion and romance. The exchange of money has given way to a symbolic act: the presentation of an engagement ring.

The engagement

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Choosing your engagement ring

White gold or yellow gold, diamond, or rather colored stones, solitaire, classic, vintage, there is an infinite field of possibility. One of the missions of the future husband or wife is to find the perfect engagement ring. It plays an important role during the engagement.

It is a choice that is not made lightly… The ring is the indispensable tool of the marriage proposal. From the simplest to the most extravagant, it will forever mark the memory of the future bride and groom.

The engagement ring symbolizes the big plunge, the commitment to the love of your life, so be careful not to make a mistake!

Unlike the wedding ring, the engagement ring can come in more original colors and shapes. Wedding rings with small encrusted diamonds, classic solitaires or even more sophisticated wedding rings incorporating bright stones such as sapphires, rubies or emeralds

The engagement

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Engagement ring with diamonds

A symbol of purity and eternity, the diamond is always a hit with women.

The diamond engagement ring can be worn as a simple solitaire ring or on a ring decorated with a pavement.

The engagement

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Engagement ring with colored stones

If the diamond is a timeless jewel, it is not mandatory. Engagement rings can be enhanced with colored stones, which makes the jewel more original.

The deep blue sapphire symbolizes love and evokes fidelity.

The sparkling green of the emerald is a symbol of hope and fertility.

If you are looking for passion and happiness you can choose the ruby, intensely red.

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A yellow gold engagement ring

Opt for a yellow gold ring. Very refined, the warmth of yellow gold knows how to sublimate all skin colors. Combined with a diamond, yellow gold contrasts with the whiteness of the stone and brings even more intensity to the creation.

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A white gold ring

White gold is timeless and very easy to wear every day. More discreet than yellow or pink gold, it naturally connotes elegance through the sobriety of its color. Combine it with colored gemstones to give it even more sparkle.

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Organizing your engagement party

Engagement parties are usually held shortly after the engagement and should not be so close to the wedding date. They do not require as many formalities and constraints as the wedding day, as they have no legal value. They can be broken at any time.

This ceremony is nevertheless important. It is not mandatory to organize a big party to celebrate your engagement. But take advantage of this event to gather your loved ones to announce your union. An intimate moment filled with love, joy and tenderness that you can enjoy with the people who matter to you.

A luxurious reception in a splendid hotel? A dinner in a starred restaurant? Or during a weekend in the country. Whatever the place, this ceremony will remain a memorable moment for you and your loved ones, because it also plays an important role in the engagement.

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