Outside ceremony: a different way to celebrate your commitment


All right from the United States is inspired by the outside ceremony to say “yes” otherwise!

Future married, you are both of different beliefs or atheists, so the secular ceremony is the ideal way to witness your love before your loved ones outside the religious framework. The asset of this ceremony is to offer you great freedom. Indeed, unconventional, it will give you the possibility to leave your imagination free.

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Easy to say, but actually what is the outside ceremony ? 

In our view, the secular ceremony owes its success to six essential elements:

  • Your place 

At first it’s the choice of your place, atypical, romantic, that will plunge your guests into your universe. Inside or outside, the important thing is that he looks like you.

  •  Your decoration

Your decoration will then play a major role, not need to spend a fortune, concentrate on the headlights (decorated arch, flowered alleys, walled chairs) all in your image.

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  • Stakeholders

The stakeholders will be the key to the success of your outside ceremony. This is the moment when friends, families and loved ones can tell you their wishes or choose to read a text. We therefore advise you to favor your best speakers, who know you well or who attended your meeting for a perfect course of the outside ceremony. Know that more and more married people also choose a professional official to help D day.

  • Texts and music

Your texts and music will have to be carefully selected, no limit in terms of registry, you are free. However, make sure your choices translate and provide the expected emotion, so don’t hesitate to ask your entourage for advice.

  • Duration of ceremony

Finally, and very often underestimated, the duration of the outside ceremony must not exceed 45 minutes, past that time your guests will lose the thread.


The bases are laid. You can now imagine indistinguishable combinations to perfect this event: select each of the elements individually and associate them.


+ : outside ceremonial rituals

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We believe that choosing a ritual during your engagement ceremony, echoing your history, will make your event even more symbolic and playful. We have selected some of the best known for you.

  • Ritual of candles

With two candles, the husbands spoil a main candle representing their new common life.

  • Ribbon Ritual

The hands of the spouses are bound by a ribbon of the commitment of these two beings.

  • Tree Ritual

The brides plant together a tree as a symbol of a flourishing path.

  • Sand Ritual

Each spouse pays different colored sand in a receptacle symbolizing the union of their two families.

  • Ritual of stones

In a participatory way, guests are invited to write their wishes on pebbles that will then be retrieved by the spouses in memory of this great moment.


A wide choice is available to you. The rituals are numerous and can also be invented by the married who can make the moment more unique. You’re free.

With its experience, Organsa Wedding Planner Paris helps you in your organization of your outside ceremony. If you are also seduced, don’t hesitate to contact us now!