Get married in Iceland for your wedding destination


Get married in Iceland

An atypical destination for a wedding destination

What is a «wedding destination»?! Don’t worry, we explain everything, the «wedding destination» is the fact of organizing your wedding abroad. Whether alone or surrounded by your loved ones, the «wedding destination» adapts to all your desires. A fine sandy beach, ice cascades or green plains, you just have to make your choice…

A crazy wedding in Iceland

Do you like cold countries and want to get married in a breathtaking place? Getting married in Iceland is what you need. Perfect for nature lovers, this country is full of landscapes more surprising than each other.

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What could be better than a black sand beach, a chapel at the foot of the mountains or even torrents and ice cascades. This Nordic country offers spectacular spots for an original and unique wedding. Whether early or late afternoon the time & place will be perfect.Isn’t getting married in Iceland the best choice you can make?

Quick little history lesson on Iceland

The country is located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean between Greenland and Norway, it is marked by a culture from the Viking era. Then the national language is Icelandic, but if you speak English you can easily be understood. Iceland is a republic governed by Guọni Th. Jóhannesson. In 2009, the country submitted its application for the European Union but it was withdrawn in 2015 because a majority of Icelanders refused to accept the fishing quotas imposed by the EU. Their economy is based on finance, fishing and industries.

Solfatares of Seltun (1)

It is important to know that the country is, because of its geolocation, very marked by volcanism. In Krysuvik you can discover the Solfatares of Seltun. These are gas emanations from volcanoes. The most important thing is that you will be able to feel the earth rumbling, see mud marres and boiling water but also smell the smell of sulphur and smoke on this absolutely incredible site. It’s like another planet, don’t you think?

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Geysers of Geysir (2)

There is an Icelandic geyser that has given its name to all the other geysers: the Geysir. This natural site is the best known and visited in Iceland. If you want to see a gusher it is more interesting to focus on Strokkur (a few minutes from Geysir) because it gushes every 5 to 10 minutes unlike Geysir (2 or 3 times a day).The site is obviously free.Get married in IcelandCredit photo – Nordic Visitor Iceland

The Blue Lagoon (3)

The Blue Lagoon is a very tourist spa with water coming from the Svartsengi geothermal plant. Its very blue water would have benefits on the Man. The lagoon is naturally loaded with mineral salts, silicates and microalgae. I advise you to go see him at least once. You will not be disappointed.

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Polar Lights (4)

You can’t go to Iceland without seeing the northern lights. It is impossible to see them in summer because in Iceland the sun does not set. However late August to mid-April is the most likely time to see some. They are like stars, they are visible only when the night is clear. Therefore, the port of Borgarnes is ideal for seeing them but other little advice: look through the window of the plane if you arrive at night, it is sometimes possible to see them from there.

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Vík í Mýrdal & Sólheimasandur (5, 6)

Vík í Mýrdal & Sólheimasandur are towns in the south of Iceland. They are full of surprises, believe me. First, the columns composed of basalt at Vik are basaltic organs (reference to the musical instrument). They are the result of solidification and thermal contraction of a basalt flow. And secondly, black sand beaches are also a must-see in Iceland. On one of the beaches of Sólheimasandur you can discover the wreck of an American plane dating from 1973. This carcass refers to the emergency landing of the United States Navy aircraft.

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Seljalandsfoss (7)

Seljalandsfoss is one of Iceland’s many impressive waterfalls. With a height of 65 meters high it has a small peculiarity. It offers a unique and magical moment by allowing you to go behind. So you can have another point of view through the water.

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Dog sledding

Advice for an original and memorable activity like the rest of your stay, dog sledding. We advise you to do this with Dogsledding Iceland. Nothing more magic!

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Country of Game of Thrones

There is so much to do that we can not even tell you everything. Last little information, if you are a fan of Game of Thrones go ahead, you have to get married in Iceland. Filming took place in Iceland for some scenes. Several guides propose to follow a route exclusively Game of Thrones.


Here is a map of Iceland gathering the activities I just mentioned.

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We convinced you that getting married in Iceland is a crazy and magical bet?

Do you want to take the plunge by choosing this “destination wedding” to unite? Contact us !!!