Coaching wedding planner

Coaching wedding planner by distance

Coach wedding planner

You dream of organizing your wedding with a wedding professional, to benefit from all her expertise so that you no longer feel alone in the organization of your wedding. However, to do it yourself, seems to you financially inaccessible.

A platform of remote wedding organization is therefore made for you.

Organsa, specialized in international wedding planning since 2010, brings you its help and expertise via this remote platform with a personalized and secure access.

This platform will allow you to access several features on a daily basis, including the permanent registration of your selected service providers, the insertion of your guest list, the creation of a personalized blog, the customization of your annual task schedule, the creation of a schedule for the wedding day, the integration of your wedding playlist, your reception menu, your drinks, the creation of your budget forecast, the integration of your schedule with notifications and much more. This concept will be just as good to accompany you as if you had a wedding planner at your side.

You will have unlimited access 7/7 and 24/24 via our platform, for 15 months. This remote service is offered at a rate of 695 euros, payable via our online payment platform Paypal or Credit Card or Bank Transfer.

For any information request, concerning this service, do not hesitate to contact us.

Illimited access

From 10 am to 6 pm

24 hours by 24 hours

7 days by 7 days

Coaching wedding planner

Our remote wedding planner coaching service package includes the following service:

Secure access
1 hour discovery meeting of the platform
Creation of up to 3 accounts
Creation of accounts for your suppliers
Creation of a task schedule
Creation of your D-Day schedule
Creation of a blog
Creation of a personalized budget
5 hours of consultation with your wedding planner