6 Parisian places for proposal


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Paris, known worldwide as the capital of love, offers a unique romantic experience for a proposal. But without knowing the city, it can be difficult to know which is the ideal place for a proposal that suits your future wife’s wishes. Organsa wedding planner Paris guides you through this event by suggesting 6 Parisian places to make your proposal unforgettable.




Proposal in Le Louvre - Organsa Wedding Planner Paris

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Let’s dive into the heart of the 1st arrondissement, in a romantic and Parisian atmosphere as we like it. And let’s go to a place we particularly like: Pyramide du Louvre. 

We advise you to avoid the peak times, from 11am to 4pm. This will allow you not to be invaded by tourists.

La Pyramide du Louvre is, in our opinion, one of the mythical places of the French art of living and if your sweetheart is sensitive to it, then this place is made for your proposal. 

“What if, after my proposal, I want to mark this moment by inviting her to the restaurant?” 

Well, get ready because we have thought of it! You will be able to enjoy a romantic meal with your future wife, eyes in the eyes while taking advantage of the terrace of the café Richelieu: under the old arcades with a view on la Pyramide du Louvre.


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In love, hand in hand, in the streets of Montmartre, you stroll. The ring in your pocket, you approach this sacred and romantic place, marking every spirit: le Sacré Coeur. In front of you, le Sacré Coeur, behind you, a panoramic view of the capital. You get down on one knee and utter the phrase your significant other has long wanted to hear, “Will you marry me?”

Le Sacré Coeur is the perfect place to propose. A place as beautiful as it is iconic, it will give you an incredible view of Paris and add a touch of romance for the perfect proposal.


Proposal in Paris - Eiffel Tower - Organsa Wedding Planner Paris

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La Tour Eiffel, the most romantic place in Paris and probably the most unavoidable. It is a sure value, where all the young women would like to say “yes”. And if it was the wish of your girlfriend? 

Meet in front of la Tour Eiffel, with a floor strewn with flowers followed by a bouquet of roses in one hand and the ring in the other. All you have to do is ask the question to the one you love. 


A wedding proposal, where the bridge lights up and la Tour Eiffel sparkles, it is perhaps what your future wife dreams of living. 

By day and by night, le Pont Alexandre III is one of the most beautiful and majestic bridges in Paris, especially for a beautiful proposal, with details and gilding that are worth the detour. You can take advantage of it to take beautiful photos in the presence of the architectural beauty of the bridge, as well as the Esplanade des Invalides and the Grand and Petit Palais with a beautiful view on the Eiffel Tower.


Proposal in Paris - Jardin des Tuileries - Organsa Wedding Planner Paris

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Le Jardin des Tuileries offers you an emblematic place for your wedding proposal as it is the oldest and largest garden in Paris. Enter the garden from the Place de la Concorde, admire the statues of ancient characters, stroll through the different alleys. And make your beautiful romantic proposal in front of the large Octagonal Basin.


If there is a magical and unusual place to declare your love and propose marriage, it is aboard a beautiful barge. A little champagne, crossing Paris in love. Then your captain, on board, stops in front of the illuminated Tour Eiffel. And, the magic moment arrives, you take out the famous ring and she says “yes”!

To realize your proposal on the Seine, the Yachts of Paris will be perfect. These luxurious boats, which sail on the Seine, are synonymous with exclusivity. You will be able to make an intimate proposal with your close family and without prying eyes.

Note that for a wedding proposal on a barge, it is necessary to privatize the place. If privatization is too expensive, we recommend the quays of the Seine.

So, gentlemen, now you have no more excuses to postpone your proposal under the pretext of not finding the ideal place. These 6 places will allow you to make your girlfriend your wife. So what are you waiting for to make your beautiful proposal? 

As for us, we would be delighted to organize your wedding